These links lead to places beyond the control of our churches. A link here is not an endorsement of everything you might find there. Yet these links are worth repeating.


Lutheran Legacy
A web site archive and interface for rare books, including the first edition of the Lutheran Confessions from 1580.
Pastor Webber's Lutheran Theology Web Site
A plethora of articles, papers, and links about various categories of Lutheran theology.
The Lord's Supper in the Theology of Martin Chemnitz
by Bjarne Wollan Teigen
The Wittenberg Trail
A social networking and discussion web site for anyone interested in things Lutheran.
Old Lutheran
A web site for Lutheran branding on the lighter side.

Synod Matters

ELS Web Site
This is the official ELS web site.
Synod Evangelism Web Site
The ELS Board for Evangelism uses this to make their materials available.
Lutheran Schools of America
The new synod organization dedicated to starting schools at our parishes.

Confessional Lutheran Media

Issues, Etc.
A Lutheran radio program offering both streaming and podcasts. Well worth listening to.

Resources for Contemporary Issues

Answers in Genesis
Explaining the "other" side of the story concerning the origins of the world, the universe, and mankind. Traditional media and most schools usually repeat and teach the political and philosophical presuppositions of some origin that intentionally omits God. It's important for parents to stay informed about the scientific and logical problems with these presuppositions so that we and our children are not deceived.
Field Studies in the Columbia River Basalt
An especially pertinent article about our area.