Editing Etiquette

  • Respect the purpose of this web site, and the Confessional Lutheran convictions of the churches that own it.
  • Respect the writing of those who have already written for the web site.
  • Corrections of grammar and spelling are welcome.
  • Factual corrections are welcome, if they are well-founded.
  • When you add something, include your name as the author (in the edit page).
  • If another person has listed his name as author of a page that you are editing, make it clear that the changes you make come from you, not from him. You may have to put your own name on the page near your changes.
  • Only use language that would be appropriate in church on Sunday morning.
  • Do not purposely break any of God's commandments. In this context, be particularly careful of breaking the fourth (Honor your father and mother) and the eighth (You shall not bear false witness [lie]) commandments.