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Doctrine simply means what is taught. Every church has doctrine, unless it teaches nothing. Doctrine is the fruit of a church or a teacher, just as apples or cherries grow on trees. If the fruit is not good for some reason, it shows that the tree is having some kind of trouble. You can tell whether a church's doctrine is good fruit or bad fruit in only one way: by comparing the teaching to what the Bible says. Few people are willing to invest the time and attention needed to do this, but it is the only way to be sure that any church or teacher has the true, biblical doctrine.

Some would like to excuse themselves from paying attention to doctrine by saying that there are too many contradicting doctrines in the world, and nobody could possibly find out which are true. Others would like to abandon the concept of truth, saying that everyone makes their own truth by discovering what works for them. Still others would like to ignore doctrine, thinking that it can only divide and exclude others. All of these approaches are flawed.

The Word of God was written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit for one purpose: to reveal the Truth to us. The Bible is objectively true, whether anyone believes it or not. You can discover this only one way: by studying it with an open mind and heart. If you would like to begin such a study, you may wish to use our pastor's help. In some way, we all need to learn the doctrine of holy scripture, so that we know the Truth. Only then can we tell which churches and teachers are right, and which are wrong.